Feels like the Sanctuary Base 6 episodes in Doctor Who

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Rock Raiders PS
The Good: Fun, interesting controls, good weapons, imaginative, ROCK MONSTERS!!!!, lots of vehicles, Co-op

The Bad: Lava is TOO unfair, some missions are overly hard.

Full review: I bought this a LOOOONG time ago and I still find it enjoyable. Why? Because the game's like has never been made since (and that's a bad thing)! The controls system and the like are interesting and creative and it is not overly hard or overly easy. The weapons give you a pleasant change from the "nuke-in-a-can" style weapons you see so often these days and provide an interesting tactical challenge. The vehicles are also a good part as they all suit different situations, adding more challenging element, and look great. In fact the Chrome Crusher looks AWESOME! And Rock Monsters, brilliant almost invincible juggernauts. It's very rewarding to kill them. However, the lava is too unfair and occassionally it is too hard. And for the foreward, well it's true. The exploration without adequate weapons and watching how they got out of it was what made the Sanctuary Base 6 episodes special, and same goes for Rock Raiders.