This game ROCKS (no pun intended). Lego's greatest by far. As bad as the PS was, the game for pc is as addicting as kife

User Rating: 9.6 | LEGO Rock Raiders PC
People may say its boring after they've played it but the game is put together well, has the best (meaning fun to look at and LEGO) graphics. The levels are always challenging and the freeplay is great. it is a very reccomended game. From me. It is fun and challenging is actuially very good for kids ages 6-or higher. It has vehicles, lego, toys, small movies, RPG style of building. This game is long and will keep you busy and challenged until the end. THe first time i played it i hated it because i couldn't get it to work. But as soon as i got the hang of it, it was so fun.