There is absolutely no reason to buy this game.

User Rating: 4.4 | LEGO Rock Raiders PS
I have no clue why you are looking into purchasing a 7 year old game. But if you are you have a a right to know it may be one of the most boring of it's time.

Gameplay: Boring, broken, etc. RTS games are not ment to be played on consoles and this is proof of that. But the game is also boring on the pc so it means this game is absolutely horrendous on the playstation.

Graphics: They may have been decent for the time but now there really is not much eyecandy power left in this game. Some of the assorted minerals and monsters are interesting to look at for a few minutes but you will probably get bored after a while and go back to playing something like God of War.

Sound: I hope you like the sound of a digitalized middle age man because you are going to hear it a lot! The sounds in this game might have been inovative in the 80s. But its about 13 years late.

Value/Tilt: There is really no point in buying a game like this when there are so many better games in existance.