Used to play this as a kid.

User Rating: 6.5 | LEGO Rock Raiders PC
I used to play this game on the old big and chunky computers. Brings back a lot of memory of when I asked my mom if I could play Rock Raiders on the computer. It can get boring but it never gets old (Well for me it doesn't) I never had any real problems with the game besides that the game would "raid" my time .(ha ha I made a terrible joke, laugh at it) But besides that the game was a blast and it never disappointed me. I guess its kinda cool how they kinda brought the Rock Raiders idea back with Power Miners, but I wont be the same. I used to be scared of the rock monsters since I always was unprepared for them and my whole base would usually be ravaged, the slugs were just plain annoying (so were the oxygen limited missions *rolls eyes*) But besides those the game was a classic blast that was worth wasting a fraction of my childhood on.