Lego Rock Raiders

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Rock Raiders PC

An old Lego game, one of the first. Based on their original sets, it's not a bad game for a first effort, but challenging in parts and boring in others.

Story - 5, no real story. You're in another galaxy, collect crystals. About it.

Gameplay - 6, cool at times, boring at others, like drilling for ore.

Visuals - 6, not bad for an old game. Not good either.

Music - 8, some good original music.

Controls - 7, basic PC controls. Pretty good.

Originality - 8, more original than the other Lego games for sure.

Characters - 5, no developed characters. Lego guys with names.

Fun - 6, would always get bored with it.

Overall - 6.4