This game has enough creative elements to be in a place of its own, but it's just too easy.

User Rating: 7.8 | LEGO Racers PC
I actually never owned this game, but a friend did, and really for the times when I did get to play it, it was fun to me at that time many years back. It has enough creative elements to be a game to stand on its own, but unfortunately, it's too easy to be really considered something good for almost anyone.

The graphics are good for representing everything as intended... that is... a feel as if everything is built out of legos. There are some details in the levels that really set the feel of the environment.

The sound is probably the game's worst point. The music is quirky and doesn't always set the mood properly, but I guess the game itself is really quirky too. The sound of the cars are as you might expect, and the sounds the character's make are probably as you could expect for the lego characters most of the time.

The game play itself is just too easy. There are original elements like having the ability to build your own character just as you would with the lego bricks, and the car is very customizable as well, though the space you're given is just too small, and it could have used just one or two spaces more on the front and back of the vehicle. The power-ups are done in a way to set up a sort of play comparable to Super Mario Kart, though not quite. The levels are easy to play through, so the AI could have been better, I imagine.

To someone who is a fan of the building blocks, or to a young kid who is at least slightly into them, this could be something prized; however, to a casual gamer who is just looking for a racing game on PC, this might not be a good choice.