Don't be afraid of the "Lego" word, this game is fun for all ages!

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Racers 2 PC
There is always going to be something awkward about a lego video game. Despite the fact that we all enjoyed playing legos when we were younger, it's like we're not exactly prepared to actually play a video game set in this universe of bricks. Maybe we tend to think of it as something childish. Then again, playing games isn't exactly the most adult behavior I can think of but anyway.

Lego Racers 2, despite the "Lego" in the name, is very much worth trying out if you enjoy racing games. The game is set some time after the events of Lego Racers 1 but I'm not sure because I didn't try the prequel. A galactic race is going to take place and the inhabitants of Sandy Beach can send one racer to face the challenge.

The game takes place in 5 distinct world, 3 of which are based on actual lego themes so we have a beach island, an jurassic park-like island, mars, the arctic and a racing planet. The gameplay alternates between racing other contestants and collecting gold bricks and car parts from mini-games.

The races are various paths taken through the world. There are "power-ups" scattered through the race giving the user plenty of weapons from invisibility to homing missiles. While the races can be a lot of fun, especially from all the turns and shortcuts available if you can find them. The power-ups, though, are useless. Why? Because the races are ridiculously easy. Other racers will hardly ever manage to hit you and if they do, they are generally too far away to gain any advantage anyway. The only tough races are boss races, but needless to say, there are only 5 of those.

The graphics and animation can be quite smooth and attractive. The worlds are rich in details and colours. The sounds though, are generally unnoticeable or absent. I can't even remember if there is music and I played a week ago. One funny sound effect is the speech of the characters. It's quite funny and quite impossible to describe.

To finish, I guess I better justify why I'm giving this game an 8.5. Well the last world is a load of fun. You have insane loops and anti-grav tunnels and other awesome obstacles. Also, this is a great game for multiplayer if you're against someone as good as you are because then the power-ups show their true worth and fun. All in all, don't be afraid to try this because of the lego aspect of the game, you'll forget about it pretty quickly.