Gets old, quick

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Racers 2 PC
i have to say, i havent played this game in a real long time. i am only going to have the pc that i am playing on right now for only about one more month, so i decided to play some filler games or some games that i may never play again.

i remembered that i kinda liked lego racers, so, heres what i thought.
first off, its legos, so you have to cut the game some slack on all angles for that sole reason. now that that is out of the way, the game itself is EXTREMELY simple, and really doesnt have much character or game devolpment at all, because all you do is drive around on different worlds playing a little harder enemies, and then you go to the big show against galax or whatever the hell his name is.

the story is weak, but once again this is legos, not mass effect(i cant wait to get that game though) the graphics are what you would expect from a legos title, but nothing special, besides the sun being realistic. this game tries to be mario kart lego, which it is, but it is so boring that by the time i got to the dino world i was already bored out of my mind. there is just nothing inside me that gives me motivation to finish this game. i also had problems with the framewrate for some reason, as my pc can run it just fine.

if you want a quick 10 min fix, then this game would work for you. but if your like me, and you want at the least a fun racing game, play something like need for speed most wanted, which is a much better game, and is actually fun to play.