The Best fun You can Have with Lego

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Racers 2 PC
The Good:
-fun exploring
-races are fun
-can build you're own cars and character
-it'll take you a long time to beat each world
-great visuals
-fun boss fights and missions

The Bad:
-boss fights are also frustrating at times

I received this game from one of my aunts for Christmas one year unexpectedly and I installed it on my dad's pc and it's surprisingly fun and addicting

Well....You know how good game's are good,It's the game-play of coarse,you race in curtain spots of the area and when you advance higher levels, you can also explore the area that you ought not too by asking the guy who helps you on you're adventure and you have boss fights at the end of each world when you win all the races and they can be frustrating and just plain hard.

The graphics look great for its time and still do to this day, they are charming,and have transparency from the and more and They look good for a win 95,98,me game and I think they still do.

The music and effects are good and there are catchy tunes to it and the sound effects are good for the cars too and theres not a lot to say about it.

The story is about this champion of racing lost by 2nd place and he has decided to go back racing and it up to you to become the new champion.

Overall this game is fun and addicting and If you have a die hard lego fan that is 5-9 years of age. consider buying this game for his birthday or Christmas, it's worth his time!!