Horrible. I hate it.

User Rating: 1 | LEGO Racers 2 PC
It wasn't any good. The graphics were OK, but the rest of it stank. the bricks coming off whenever you crash is just stupid , and the people at Lego Software, (No offense) would better have spent their time playing ping-pong then creating this monstrosity. Some people like it, and some people hate it... I would give it a second chance, if i didn't get the urge to throw up and go into a berserk rage every time i get near the disk. i really don't understand what some people see in it, and i would throw it away, were it not for the fact that some people in my family like it. the multi-player battle mode is the only thing even slightly fun about it, and even that can get a tiny bit repetitive when played over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. all in all a complete stinker