Creative and a satisfying sequel to Lego Racers 1

User Rating: 7 | LEGO Racers 2 PC
Awesome racing game, and as enjoyable as the first (if you haven't played the first, now's the time). If you love Lego, go for it.

Rocket Racer is BACK! And you are an ambitious racer on the path to be World Champion and striving to beat him! But first you must prove yourself worthy to race him. Travel to worlds to beat their own champions and earn respect!!

More options than the first, with mini bonus missions to collect the gold bricks, there are many mini games on all the different worlds. My favorite was Dino Island, it was cool!

The only downfall is the criminal-Mastermind, annoying Sparky who follows you around with the evil promise of illegal fireworks if you can collect 35 golden bricks for him...

Racing is good and sometimes a fun challenge, with random power-ups in the race. Sometimes you find your car being destroyed by crashes and find yourself on foot (it happens!). A good game!
By M & S