Better than the original, but still terrible.

User Rating: 3 | LEGO Racers 2 PS2
The Good: running, better car construction

The Bad: Still boring, PATHETIC character customisation.

Full Review: I got this before Lego racers 1, and it's just as well. I wouldn't have it otherwise, and while it improves on the original, its sheer terribleness isn't suppressed much. You may be able to actually blast your enemy's cars into oblivion, and make them finish the race running, but the races themselves still suck. The customisation, if anything, has gone downhill. Sure you can actually make a car which people know what it's supposed to be, but the character construction is absolutely crap. You barely have any options and you have to wear a **** hat. So while the fun aspect of the gameplay has improved, it doesn't change the fact it sucks.