Fun and lovable, for all ages!

User Rating: 9.3 | LEGO Racers 2 PC
You just got to love this game! Fun gameplay nice grafiks (Yes it's nice..)
And jokes and all just brings me back. ^^
Although people might think they are to old for this game, they will be surprised of how fun this game can be. :)
Ok, i bought it a few years ago... Loved it then :P
Still enoyable! If you haven't played it you should try it out :P althought the game might be abit old it's still lovable and perfect for your younglings for you that have ^^ And ok there is alot more better racer games out there but still a good,solid and fun racer :D
So what are you waiting for get it, come on it's LEGO!! RACING
LOL :D it pwns ^^
(And yes, I know I'm a smilie addict)