Great game, in my opinion, only semi-difficult, but it is all around fun like a game like this should be.

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game X360
To start off, I personally really liked this game. I really don't see some of the problems the GameSpot reviewer said such as buggy AI (maybe occasionally, but I wasn't paying attention to that because the game was so fun). The part that was the most fun for me was not really the story levels, which were fun, but it was the achievements that you could earn after you had finished the levels the first time. I am not an expert gamer, so when I saw that these achievements were actually attainable if you put the time in, I went for it. This is the only full priced game that I have ever gotten all of the achievements on.
Beyond the achievements, the game play is still great like all other LEGO games. The hub area is great, and it gives great incentive to get more golden bricks by doing well in levels as you unlock more areas once you build the doors out of the golden bricks. This was overall a very good game, and my brother and I enjoyed playing it very much.