Chevalle's Puzzle Maze

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In the Brethren Court section, you have to complete a task for each of the pirate captains. For Captain Chevalle, you need to rotate a maze in order to move the cask form beginning to end. There are walkthrough's, YouTube videos, and all kinds of helpful tips all over the place offering advice on how to complete this puzzle. It seems like it should be real easy to complete. But it's not. While following the instructions other players have given, NOBODY has actually answered the problem why the cask bounces in the wrong direction instead of simply dropping down when the maze is turned. I've seen others ask this same question in other places (it's even commented on under one of the YouTube videos) but it's never been solved, or if it has, it hasn't been shared. Can someone PLEASE tell me something that will either solve (or as a last resort, cheat) this problem?