Hope this is released around Sep 2015 and is like LMSH

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Among all the Lego games, the Lego Marvel Super Heroes stands tall. IMO, it is the best lego game and the epitome of this lego series.

Way better than the Lord of the Rings or any Batman game with its open sandbox gaming, good fun content for kids and adults and great selection of heroes with beautifully and thoughtfully made characters, this is the best game.

Lets hope they make this game like LMSH and not the wretched and boring Batman games. LMSH has better and colorful chars and playing in NYC in daylight was amazing compared to the cramped, dark and dinghy Batman games. They have Superman, my most fav comic char, but he was stuck in dark night time Gotham rendering the game annoying and boring with a glorified Inspector Gadget, er.. I mean Batman.

I hope the new one keeps all chars and introduces few more and also has a bigger open world like LMSH and also introduces day/night cycle

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@fanirama: I disagree! Atleast on PS4...

LEGO Avengers (PS4) is the worst I have played among 20 throughout the years!

It has non-stop glitches. Far too much time wasted in videos (cut-scenes, in-game video hints), even the time wasted on long animations to change Iron-Man from one Mk to another. Some ideas were stupid. Way too many things that are too difficult to figure out without wasting time looking online. And no Invincibility unlock... many levels have non-stop enemy attacks while trying to do tasks and there's no Invincibility to help with that. This games is horrible! When I play video games, I want to have fun with it, not have the same level of BS and stress as in Real Life.