Worlds Most Horrible Flight Mechanic

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Marvel Super Heroes PS4

This was my first game for the PS4. I bought it so that me and my wife could have some game time together. Overall I have zero gripes on the gameplay. You have a lot of Marvel characters both heroes and villains encompassing the entire Marvel Universe. From Avengers to X-Men as you play through a convoluted story only made enjoyable through cute Lego figures do you have fun teaming up Spider-man with say... Emma Frost. You can also use villains as well and each Marvel character has a special power-type that allows them to get over certain scenarios. For example, Spider-man has web shooters and can latch onto certain areas to pull them down opening up new areas or secret chambers. Cyclops has his optic blasts to melt gold legos. You need to use nearly every Marvel character group if you want to explore Marvel Lego's fully.

Now herein lies my gripe about the game. Nearly every single aspect of the game is lighthearted until you get to the racing aspect. The controls for FLIGHT are the most stupidly horrendous thing ever to be programmed into a video game. Normally you would use the direction or analog to steer, but in this retarded game you need to use X to climb and O to descend. Mind you if you press X twice you TURBO or if you press O twice you drop down. This wouldn't be an issue if not that you are racing again the clock and some of the turns in the racing game are quite sharp.

Without a doubt I firmly believe that it is... DOABLE, but dag nabbit I am so frustrated that after 30 years of video gaming, some moron had the stupidity to use the buttons INSTEAD of the control pad to maneuver.

Overall, if you simply just want to complete the story and unlock characters... you will have a fun time playing Marvel Legos. However if you are a perfectionist who aim to collect that elusive PLATINUM trophy, you will curse whoever programmed the flight controls for the game. I honestly hope that whoever did has nightmares for the rest of their life. This game COULD have been a 8, but shitty flight controls is a no-go. We evolved far too long in gaming to do this guys...