Please help new galactus glitch

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#1 AdamCowlin
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I am 98.5% complete and really don't want to have to start the game again. All I have left to do is get stan lee and the mini kits on the final mission "the good the bad and the hungry"


I can't get past the first team. The only attack galactus uses is his lazer eyes attack. When I turn to spider man and pull the rotar blade up it cut scenes to the second teams side but then cuts straight back to spiderman holding onto the rotar blades. Galactus doesn't move across and I can't get any further. I can change my character to anyone else even wolverine dead pool etc and still the character stays locked onto the webs and the game can't continue.

I've tried jumping off the carrier it just re spawns you still stuck to the webs.

I've tried re starting level and playing it on both story and free play still didn't work.

I tried re starting xbox still didn't work.

I tried my girlfriends saved game and that didn't work either.

It worked fine on the first playthrough. Any help would be massively appreciated I haven't been able to find anything about this anywhere.