Game crashes everytime I select a vehicle !!! (ps4)

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Hi there,

I'm trying to get platinum in the PS4 version of Lego Marvel super Heroes but I came up to an annoying bug. Everytime I try selecting a vehicle at any random Shield-terminal the game crashes. The only throphy left for me is the one to drive as Magneto with his Magneto Mobile to that building. I tried uninstalling the game an reinstalling it but the problem is still there. Can anyone please help me out ?

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@split-second: I started a new game played through the first 3 lvls to get to the free roam. There I tested the terminal again and here it works. So I think the problem is located in my savegame.

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I think it happens across all platforms. I am having the same glitch on the 360 and xboxONE versions. I have read on several different forums people complaining about the same issue. I fixed the issue by removing all DLC -- frustrating that I cannot play with the additional content I paid for - but at least my kids can still play the game they love.