Running, leaping and skateboarding around Lego Land

User Rating: 7.1 | LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge PS
There is no greater pain than stepping barefoot on a Lego brick in the middle of the night.

I would rather have red-hot forks inserted into the fleshy part of my buttocks than have to walk across a landing covered in scattered Lego roof tiles.

Heck, the military could just as well ditch conventional weapons, and just fire Lego bombs at their enemies. Then again, at £6.99 for a tiny Lego tree, I suspect high explosives are more cost effective.

Lego Island 2 is most defiantly kiddie-targeted fare, the original Lego island game was surprisingly nice take it from me baby sitting my cousins would have been even more of a nuisance if it wasn't for this game. So when my 6 year old cousin purchased it last week with his much earned pocket money from having a tidy room and stop imitating the rock and 'rock bottoming' the cat, I was straight over.

Lego Island 2 is the sequel to Lego island (funny that is) the sequel follows in the same was as the first but bigger and I mean much bigger.

As a Lego pizza delivery boy 'pepper' you get to interact with pretty much the whole Lego catalogue from Toys 'R' Us. This means running, leaping and skateboarding around themed Lego world in 3D Mario style, and thereupon engage in a not inconsiderable eight teen sub games.

Heck, speedboat racing, parachuting and deep sea diving are juts some of the Lego-fied activities you will participate in during this 3D Lego game.

The thing to bear in mind with Lego Island 2 is that it isn't aimed at a hardcore audience. Nicely, it hits its target audience Lego loving youths smack bang in the mouth.

Graphically it looks like a load of Lego (strange that a game based on the Lego series looks like Lego), while the controls, while clearly simplified never come close to frustrating.

Yes, it is easy. Yes it breaks little new ground. But at least it doesn't adhere to that army men ethos, which insists that games for kids have to be unplayable, ugly rubbish.

Game : Lego Island 2
Platform: Playstation
Genre: 3D Platform

Best Bits
Tons of variety, with eighteen counts them I know you won't, eighteen sub games. The graphics are neat, in a Lego kind of way.

Worst Bits
Obviously, if you are some sort of hardened gaming maniac, you will have licked this within a weekend.

A kids' game and on those terms it succeeds completely. A nice 3D Platform primer.

Sound ...7... Sounds as good as is needed
Graphics ...9... Looks like a load of Lego
Longevity ...8... Lego-loving kid this will last at least until the next Lego game

Alternately ... Spryo 3 or Lego Island