With long loading times and boring gameplay, Lego Island 2 feels more like a punishment than an actual game.

User Rating: 4.5 | LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge PC
In 1997, The Lego Group released Lego Island for the PCs. It's basically a game where you do nothing but mess around with crap and its target audience was little kids. A few years later, Lego Island 2 was released, this time for various platforms, including the PlayStation, Game Boy Color, GBA, and of course the PC. However, with long loading times and boring gameplay, Lego Island 2 feels more like a punishment than an actual game.

The game centers around Pepper Roni *sarcastic laugh*, a pizza delivery boy who...well...delivers pizzas to the citizens of Lego Island. Eventually, his parents, mainly his father (who sounds like the guy who plays the accordion in Lady and the Tramp) who owns the pizza parlor, gets an order from the criminal known as the Brickster (get used to the brick puns). Pepper delivers the pizza, but he adds a lot of chili peppers in order to burn the lock with his "dragon breath". How he got chili peppers in his own cell, I will never know. So he escapes, and steals the "construcopedia" -- Good God, did I just say that? -- from the Information Center, which is what keeps the buildings of the island intact. He rips all the pages from the book, destroying all the buildings (more like sucking them up into heaven), and it's up to Pepper to find all the pages.

The gameplay I'll start with, because hey, it's the gameplay that matters, right? Well, where do I begin? It's a third-person quest-like adventure game. You're mainly heading from point A to point B or gathering items most of the time. That's not to say you can also explore the entire island and you aren't limited. Eventually, you will encounter mini games, and you're given a gold, silver, or bronze trophy based on how well you do. You're also scored during the game, but the score really doesn't mean anything in the main game. The gameplay in general is okay, but really isn't all that great. It's more boring than fun.

When you start up the game, after the opening cutscene, you will stumble across one of the game's main problems. The load times are so long, it gives Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly on the PS2 and Gamecube a run for its money, because it's just as bad here. It takes 2-3 minutes just to load a single world, unless it's a minigame or a small area (half-pipe, Pepper's house, etc.). It's quite annoying.

The graphics are pretty average, but they aren't bad. Everything animates well and the characters and environments are pretty detailed for a game made in 2001 (if you set it on high quality). The music on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Every single tune is boring and uninteresting. It really doesn't do the game justice in my opinion, nor does the voice acting. Constant brick jokes galore, and every single one of them is amazingly bad.

While little kids who like Lego products might enjoy this, the average gamer would probably not, with boring gameplay, lackluster voice acting and music, and long load times that can probably put a baby to sleep faster than singing the first verse of Rock-a-bye Baby. Stay away, unless you're a glutton for punishment.