Just like a small can of soda, it's enjoyable as long as it lasts.

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge PS
Who didn't enjoy playing with Lego as a kid? Ever since the introduction back in 1949, these plastic bricks have have played a big part in almost every persons grow-up period. In 2001, Lego Media made Lego Island, hoping of saving people from all those small part that always disappears and the pain you get from stepping on a Lego brick, but is the game really as fun as playing with actual Lego?

The game follows Pepper, a kid working as a pizza-delivery guy. When the game starts, he has to deliver pizzas to the residents of Lego Island. When he's done, Brickster, the criminal of Lego Island breaks out of jail and destroys every Constructopedia page in the information center! These pages have then been spread all over Lego land and it's Pepper's job to reclaim them and catch Brickster. Doesn't it seem funny that a pizza-delivery boy have to hunt down a dangerous criminal?

Since this is a Lego game, the environments are made as if they where made by actual Lego. This makes exploring the islands very enjoyable as it feels like you are walking around a place that you could have built yourself. Besides from walking around, you can also ride your skateboard, cars, boats and even airborne transports.

You don't just explore all the time though, as your main task is to get those Constructopedia pages back, right? To get one, or to be able to get to one, you will have to play a minigame or two. At one time you're diving to find some bricks needed for you to cross a bridge and during another you're shooting coconuts(?!) at snakes while traveling at full speed through the desert. After each one, you will get bronze, silver or gold depending on how well you did in that game.

Everything sounds to be just fine so far, but Lego Island 2 has a few problems. First of all, there's no in-game map, leaving you clueless where to head to next. The second thing is that the game is so short that just a few days will be enough to beat it. The last problem are the controls for the helicopter. Instead of pressing up on the D-pad to fly forward and down to fly backwards, you have to use the X button to fly forward and the square button to fly backwards, which is really confusing if you're familiar with other helicopter games.

Lego Island 2 is a good game if you're a kid or if you just like Lego. It's short, but just like a small can of soda, it's enjoyable as long as it lasts.