Lego has pulled it off again!

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures DS
I am impressed by this game. I got it late last night and put in about 3 hours of play time. If my eyes could have stayed open, I would have played a lot longer. Today the kids have gotten a hold of it and I realize I may never see it again, it's a big hit!
The graphics are pretty good. The cut scenes are very funny and adorable. The touch screen is pretty optional. If you do use it, you use your thumb instead of a stylus. It's actually nice not having to hold a stylus while trying to play.
There has been a lot of play time on this game and so far no problems with freezing up or glitches. It carries over a lot of the same play as the Star Wars series, but it has enough changes to give it a fresh new feel. It's actually a bit more challenging than the Star Wars series. I also think it has good replay value.
It's worth the cost and a lot of fun! The other thing I like is a game like this is great for a family. If you give this as gift for a younger kid, no worries, age appropriate for everyone.