Fans of the potter series or lego games not to be missed

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 PS3
The game begins with a scene to summarize the beginning of the story for anyone that doesn't already now the harry potter story then the game begins. The game continues its quirky style in the first level where players can easily master the spells or spell at this point the only let down is harry can only roll so if you're playing with a friend make sure your player two.

The game continues with the Lego game style with players working through a story mode from the first 4 harry potter films with humorous backing while searching for gold bricks, Lego studs to gain true wizard and post boxes for extras such as x32 for your studs. The difficulty comes with the collection of shields which could be hidden in different places such as in the box that can only be opened by a death eater or by finding 10 cobwebs. An addition to the game apart from the shields is the finding of students in peril which are hidden in the game from cupboards to spider webs but not hard enough to force you to cheat.

The level are just the right difficulty with only some levels that push the gamer to the edge such as the jinked broom and the defeat the basilisk but the game is great alone and with friends. Making it a welcome addition to the collection of a harry potter fan and the casual gamer but the hard-core gamer might use it to prove they're the best in front of grandma but no the less it's a fun quirky game not to be missed.

But it's not without its flaws the dungeon of death glitch now fixed caused an outcry with the game being impossible to complete. Also the return of being on 99% completion of Lego studs then to fall off a ledge and lose half makes the games frustration levels rise but if fans of other Legos games should try it.