Really fun lego game but lacks in action.

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 X360
I really do enjoy the lego game franchise but for me this was the worst of the series. Having said that it's still a good game that you'll play till the end.

The graphics are good and they're pleny places in Hogwarts to explore, build and find stuff. The game lives up to the lego franchise in every way.

The downside of this entry is that it has the least amount of action of all the games. You'll really spend more time building things than doing anything else. There are too few enemies to fight and the extras you find and purchase make dieing very rare. Boss battles are very easy as well.

There are also two gliches with the locators that tell you that something is there when it really isn't. One is a gold brick in the library that isn't really there and the other is a house crest in the swimming level that isn't in one of the spot it tells you. As long as this games been out there should have been a patch for these two glitches that cause serious frustration. It drove me nuts ttrying to figure out why I couldn't get them until I reasearched online and found out it was because of locator glitches...ugh.

Just replayed the game for a second time and I felt it deserved a higher rating than I gave it. I stand by my opinions but the game is just plain fun. I stays true more to the movies than the books.
Plus any fan of Harry Potter will love exploring Hogwarts, but at time Hogwarts can be a tad confusing. It's pretty big and you may forget how to find certain places.

Still this is a solid game and while lighter on the action is one of the more solid Lego games. It's well but together and using magic is fun. Also learning new spells makes you want to re-explore areas just to reveal more secrets.

Some more negatives to the game is that characters can sometimes still get in your way, and I've never found building your own Lego levels worth it. You can't share them on line, so what's the point of building a level that only you can explore and beat??

Still this game leaves me looking forward to playing the next Potter lego. It's well worth playing, just loses marks for lack of action, glitches and not much replay value. I got all achievements very easily. Simply put fun game but too easy.