This game has more bugs than a jungle in July.

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 PS3
Let me start off by saying that this game is fun and worth it if your only simply looking to dive into a comical adventure game.

The game has hilarious cut scenes enjoyable for everyone and most children, so it makes for a great children game. The storyline mode is pretty accurate in identifying each major event from Harry's years 1-4, although the second last scene of year three doesn't correspond either to books or movie, it was still fun and very enjoyable to play through. The game is captivating and enjoyable mainly because of everything you can open and smash into using the various magical skills learned throughout the years, and being able to collect many different character tokens to unlock makes it that much worth while. There are 167 characters from Harry's world to play with and all are pretty much major characters.

The game is quick and straight to the point, so it doesn't take long to finish the story mode, however if you do decide to collect items it will make the game last much longer. The free play mode is just as enjoyable as you are able to go to Hogwarts and jump back into levels to collect things you missed or simply just explore away.

Now with all this said, the game has major issues. One of the worst glitches and bugs Ive ever encountered while playing a game. Although this game is easy, it isn't super easy to platinum, and thanks to the glitches it is actually almost impossible to. Those who have are very lucky or had to take many many annoying precautions in making sure the game doesn't glitch on them. Creating multiple save files every 10% isn't an ideal thing anyone should have to do while playing a game just to insure you will get trophies or collect certain items.

Ill list some of the major glitches. *Note that there have been some patches released but not all glitches were fixed.

The dungeon of doom - Professor Flitwicks basement room players get simply stuck and cannot leave the room because the dragon does not throw them back up.

Missing doors or exists, this can be very annoying as you get trapped/stuck randomly.

The polyjuice potion glitch where your character cant change.

The system may freeze on you, for random reasons when using other characters throughout levels or Hogwarts. This happened to me 2 times. As many times for others.

Some trophies do not even show up on your PSN, even though you should have received them. One very common one was destroy 50 devils snare plants & receive a bronze trophy.

But the most annoying glitch to date is random missing character tokens. The worst part about this, anyone could be victim to this, and not everyone has the same one missing. Some people have completely different tokens missing in completely different rooms, making this very annoying and time consuming to discover. Not to mention that players usually only realize which tokens are glitched until they reach around 90% completion, only then they realize a certain piece is unattainable no matter what they do. This little bug ruins everything for people who want to collect everything or get the platinum trophy. In my opinion if TT or WB doesn't want to fix these major problems don't bother putting so many items to collect within the game.

In conclusion, the game is pretty fun, and quite hilarious tbh, and although i didn't fall victim to all of these glitches/bugs it is quite annoying to encounter freezes or glitches. I myself did platinum the game though, so it is possible if careful :) Lego Hp is pretty fun, but because of all the risky stuff that can happen to you and your file, it could make this game be a complete waste of time for those who want to earn all the trophies or collect all the items.

The Xbox, Wii, and PC have all had similar issues as well.

Some tips?
- There are TWO different Defense Against the Dark Arts rooms! So be careful when collecting tokens, as you may miss some if you don't explore both. This was quite confusing as in the films/books there is only one room they refer to, however in this game there are 2 side by side rooms, both named the same.

- HeavensFantasy