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User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 X360
This was a game my fiancee decided to rent and I really didn't have any interest in playing but but I said hey why not and gave it a try and wow its actually not that bad a game.

First thing about this game that I like is the fact that almost everything can be destroyed with your powers and you can interact with alot of different people as well as the size of the game itself. The graphics are very well done and the fact that no one talks and just makes little grunts here and there are better. The comedic elements that they add in this are also all very well done. Also the fact they used music from the movies was a very nice little touch.

There are however a few things in this game that I didn't like such as the difficulty not so much as to me but if a little kid were to play this they would have a bit of trouble. Other then that this is a solid game and as always another great lego game. 8.5/10