Fun for the whole family!

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Dimensions (Starter Pack) PS4
Lego games have come a long way since the PS2 days. Now, they go toe to toe with Disney Infinity, and Skylanders alike. This time around, however; Lego takes it a step further and uses real Legos for the required figurines. You build them yourself like always and like always, the darn things are so tiny that you can't create anything without the instructions found in the game. Are you a master builder? I'm not and my little niece was left even more clueless. In total, I spent about maybe an hour at the most with building the entire starter set. As for the game itself, the gameplay is about what you expect from Lego's developer. Each character has their own abilities and the game forces you to constantly interact with the actual platform itself to solve puzzles. Frankly, I wish Infinity used this much creativity with the story mode. Walking through worlds of so many famous franchises is extremely fun and the difficulty is very modest that even kids could enjoy it without trouble. This was clearly the focus to make the game kid friendly but the humor itself is genuinely funny so anyone can enjoy the show. Like the rest of the Skylanders copycats, expect to spend money if you want to enjoy the rest of Dimensions. Each pack is 30 bucks a pop and allow you to enter that certain world to play exclusive levels hidden in the hub zone stored behind the initial spawning room. So far I've tried Ghostbusters, Simpsons and Scooby Doo and let me tell ya, Dimensions went all out on authenticity! Most packs have a level to clear but they all have worlds to fool around in and explore. There is definitely some fun to be had exploring these worlds and they have side quests, races and plenty of hidden Lego pieces to discover. Driving down New York city with the Ecto-1 car as Batman never felt so good! The graphics are gorgeous with highly detailed environments that clash with Lego blocks in such a way that adds diversity and a level of originality to the scenery. It's worth it just to explore these worlds and at the same time, saddens me to know that you can't create your own. A peculiar and very bizarre choice of design from a franchise that depends on such immense creativity. Till this day, I have no idea why you can't create your own world but hey, what can ya do? The game's content is more than plentiful enough to let you forgive this fact. Lego Dimensions is an awesome adventure game that utilizes every aspect of its gameplay and famous characters that will keep you entertained for hours on end and if you're willing to invest on it, the game has alot of value that will keep you wanting more. A game that's both a joy to build for, as it is to play, Lego Dimensions is easily the best Lego game in the series and worth a look from anyone who likes the series or franchises in it.