While overlooked entirely by the likes of LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2, this latest DC hit is still not one to miss!

User Rating: 10 | LEGO DC Super-Villains PS4

Lego DC Villains Review PS4

Since comics erupted onto the mainstream of pop culture, the 2 elites have always been Marvel & DC when it comes to superheroes taking on evil villains. And while both have had equal success with their take on the genre, for some reason, it has always appeared as though the Marvel Big Dog always seems to gather more praise and slightly outsell its DC counterparts. And for the gaming side of things, it remains almost the same resulting pattern. DC Villains is a great, easter egg filled LEGO game, no less worthy of a buy than LEGO's last Marvel adventure, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. Yet, the reviews gathered tell a different story, selling DC Villains short of what it actually offers.

While not much is being introduced to the LEGO game design, DC Villains is a worthy follow up to Marvels best. You know what to expect if you have ever played a LEGO game, swap between all your favorite classic characters (mostly in the form of villains for this game though there are still plenty of good guy's to satisfy do gooders). But yeah, swap out characters on the fly, utilizing their different abilities, smashing LEGO bricks, collecting Minikits and Golden Bricks and amassing a vault of Studs to purchase unlockables obtained while playing the Story Mode. Yet, the same things that were present in Marvel Superheroes 2 are all here as well, multiple cities & locations (Gotham, Metropolis among others). There are tons of characters to unlock and while writing this review there are still updates to roster being released amongst DLC to this day. The worlds may not be as massive and varied as the world we saw in Superheroes 2, but is still packed with hidden collectables and easter eggs any fan of the comics or movies would be appreciative of seeing included.

The Story Mode is an original one and not a direct copy of any source material. You begin the story with customizing your very own Supervillain, whom you will control over the course of the story levels. You can combine many different body parts and colors all fleshed out in whatever color or logo you desire, with tons more being unlocked as you play the Campaign. You also can set several different abilities to your hero, be it super strength, teleportation or flying, all the options are here. Sadly, there is no dialogue for your hero, and the rest of the voiced characters refer to you plainly as Rookie. But, you still will be able to swap out with classic baddies as you please. The story itself sees the normal bad guys duos such as Joker, Lex Luthor, & Gorilla Grodd & Sinestro (to name a few) doing their normal bad guy shtick when along comes a new group of villains posed as good guys calling themselves the Crime Syndicate. This group, while on paper might sound enticing, is basically just a duplicate version of the real good guys only with different names. For instance, Batman's copycat is Owlman, and Supermans is UltraMan. All in all, it is a satisfying story, yet predictable and foreseen. The end results will be just about as easy to see coming as any other LEGO adventure, but the fun here in this title is the replayable aspect. There are tons of humor filled side quests and missions to take on, and to unlock everything you will be coming back for awhile. Overall, this latest DC adventure may not quite live up to LEGO DC Batman 3, but it just as easily brings everything to the table that Marvel Superheroes 2 did so do not let the reviews have you fooled as thinking this underdog isn't worth a shot. A great LEGO collection!!