The best Lego game to date! Polished graphics, hilarious story and tons of Lego fun!

User Rating: 9 | LEGO City Undercover WIIU
Absolutely the best Lego game to come out so far. Playing as Police Officer Chase McCain was so much fun. You have just as much fun building things as you do destroying them in Lego City. Imagine the size and scope of Grand Theft Auto but with Legos involved and this is Lego City. The main story of the game is relatively short, you can pass it in a few days. If you want to get the elusive 100% completion you should give yourself over 10 days of hardcore playing in. I highly recommend this if you love the Lego series or if you just love a good sandbox game. Also, I would recommend this to children who would like to play Grand Theft Auto but are too young to play it due to it's mature content.

Best gaming moment: I can't decide if it is when I escaped the museum on a robotic T-Rex, Skydiving from the moon or pursuing a villain in a high speed chase on a riding lawnmower. All of those points were hilarious and fun!

Worst gaming moment: The vehicle robbery chases were sometimes too hard to complete, if you made the slightest mistake in the first few seconds of the challenge you better hit start and retry the challenge or you will have a bad time.

Final Judgement: This game is totally worth buying, I did rent it and pass it in less than two weeks but it was a LONG game and I wished I had purchased it so that I could take in the fun and beauty of this wonderful Wii U title.