Lego City Undercover, best Wii U game so far.

User Rating: 9 | LEGO City Undercover WIIU
I never did like lego games to be honest, but this time, this is an original lego game (not batman, etc, and stuff like that). This game is the best game for the Wii U so far, the graphics are awesome and it truly shows what the Wii U hardware is capable of, I think this game will be very important for the Wii U as a real good game and as a hardware demonstration.

-Ride lego racing cars and boats.
-Fly helicopters
-Jump rooftops from rooftops
-Solve puzzles
-Unlock new abilities
-Unlock new powers
-Buy upgrades
-Find hidden secrets and Easter eggs
-Investigate cases and arrest the suspects, chase and arrest aliens from out of space.
-Play basketball and many other games.
-Become an astronaut to lean tele-transportation and destroy the city with your laser gun, a thief to steal from safes, break-in buildings and steal a bank, a miner and destroy boulders with your pick-axe and destroy bigger stuff with your dynamites, a Karate master and dominate your opponents, a Fireman to rescue cats, put down fires and break doors, a Farmer to take care of plants, use your chicken to fly (a la zelda style) and to shoot eggs.
-Escape from the police in high speed chases
-Enjoy the humor and the parody to almost all popular video games and movies.

This game have everything, and every detail is there too, it is like you put lego, zelda, assassin creed, GTA and the matrix movies all in a blender and the result is Lego City Undercover.

If you own a Wii U, you should get this game as soon as possible.

ONLY issues with the game is the loading times and some camera issues (that most 3d games have this issue by the way).