Best game for Wii U yet!

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To any Wii U owners out there on the fence as to whether or not buy this game, go ahead and buy it. It's awesome. It uses many features of gamepad. It's very similar to the previous lego games, and is much much larger. My favorite thing about the game is definitely the dialogue. So many cheesy parodies of famous police shows and movies; it's awesome. Best of all, everybody in my family that has come in contact with the game, has enjoyed it. It's got enjoyment for all ages.

I would definitely recommend it to anybody that enjoys games period.

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yep. Im enjoying it alot, (though im only on like ch 4... son decided to start a save file over my original game where i had only gotten to ch 4) all in all, i am loving it and feel like the U was a decent purchase because of it. kinda disappointed in super mario bros U... that is one series that while i enjoy it, i have come to accept it as super mario world being rereleased over and over and oever again. ill probably just download super mario world if it is available and never buy another 2D super mario game

getting back on topic, i am loving this game very much and find it to be just pleasant and not frustrating, which after years of gaming, is coming across as quite refreshing now.

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Same here. Until this game came out, I had lost some faith. It's now been restored, and I'm anxious for the next big games to come out. I feel you on the 2D Mario front. Yes, I enjoy the 2D Mario games, but they're starting to feel stale to me. All of the side scrollers from the NES and SNES still have high replay value for me, but these new versions are just missing something for me.
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I LOVE the cutscences for this game, but the game kinda boring.


Enjoying Monster Hunter much more as a GAME