best buy preorder???

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i ordered this  along with monster hunter for the half off deal monster hunter shipped thursday and i just got an  email saying that my preorder date got pushed back to 3/18/13 which would have been yesterday lol i dont get it anyone else had this happen to them?

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ok just got an email saying it should be available april 2- 11 :(

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That sucks. If you don't want to wait the extra few weeks, and want the physically copy, try Target. I just picked up a copy at Target yesterday. Check their website first to if it's in stock at any store near you. My store said "limited stock" and they meant it; they only had one copy of the game.

Good luck.


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What's odd is that Best Buy pre-orders are delayed. However, I went into Best Buy yesterday and bought the game straight off the shelf. They even included a Lego Chase McCain toy. Do pre-orders come with something else? Otherwise, I'm wondering why they wouldn't have used any stock they received to fulfill the pre-orders.
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yeah it does kinda suck but im gonna have to wait because i got the game for 25 bucks with the buy one get one half off deal they had going monster hunter should be in my mail when i get home today so that should keep me entertained for a while 

I dont know whats up with best buy , I just hope it ships when they say and i get the dea they were advertising , this game looks fun as hell btw glad i got this with MH