Lego Batman takes Lego fans to the next level

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Batman: The Videogame WII
With Indiana Jones Lego on the shelves, Lego Batman was the next big thing. With the same idea and layout the game is basically the same principle as Lego Indiana Jones, except with Batman characters at your aid. You do the same things, build lego bridges to help traverse gaps and so on, but this game is as great as the Indiana Jones game itself.

Newer looking levels and obstacles to avoid, it certainly gets you thinking at certain points. The game is also a great multiplayer, since you and yout mates can help each other through the levels.

The game, however, is not at all based upon the original Batman Films. It has been designed with random levels and storyline. The characters also, like in Indiana Jones, do not speak, but somewhat mumble. The cutscenes when watched can be funny at times, but Lego Batman certainly makes to be the next game from Lego Indy.

If you like the lego games, then you will like this.