gamestop hit it right on there review

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes X360
i love the first game , my 4 yr old kid love it too we were able to control and have fun with it . This one would have been great if they didnt change the control and where is the mini map finding stuff is a drag when you have to pause the game to check the map the pointers are bad your not even sure if your going the right direction. Flying is ok if you want to go straight try hovering in the city and goodluck not getting stuck in a building. Overall i still like this game wish they would have stuck with the old controls , the way batman change his suit once you finish the game and the mini map. Finding the other characters will be a challenge too because even if your on top of the so called place or location you still have to keep looking at the map to get a clue where the villain or heroes is located and once you do they have only 3 hearts no challenge at all to beat them and guess what ,now you have to buy them and some of them are expensive. Some of the vehicle are not even worth buying first there super expensive , second once you get them driving it around narrow street willl get you stuck all the time.