Great addition to the Wii U considering this system has a razor thin game selection

User Rating: 9.5 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes WIIU
This is a great game! The only downer is its a little expensive considering you can get it for the other systems. I got this game for 40.00 at Best Buy( The best deal at the moment)

Now the good stuff,

1. Its in HD ( this is the first Lego multiplayer game out on the market for the Wii U).

2. Its really fun to play with my family! I an not sure on this one but i think the wii u version is the only one with the characters using voice acting. ( Correct me if i am wrong)

3. The controls are smooth. I really like using the wii tablet vs the wii wand and nun chuck.Also i love the feature where one person can use the tablet as a screen to play on and the other uses the TV!

The not so good stuff.

1. The price is a tad steep . I purchased mine at Best Buy for 40 bones. Its the best deal thus far.

Summary If do do not already this game for the other system, then buy it! Overall a great game!