A few teething issues, but a great progression of the Lego series

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes X360
I've played all the Lego series games. What started out as an easy way to introduce my girlfriend to gaming, we were hooked fairly quickly, enjoying each new game as they came out.

Whats great about the Lego series is you can see how they try to move each new title on from the last, adding dividing screens, level designs, game mechanics, challenges etc. Some good, some not so good. And this is the same for Lego Batman 2.

To its credit, the levels are fun if a little linear, and the flow of the game is joy to play through. As with all the Lego games, theres not a huge amount of challenge here, but the pace is fast and varied enough to keep you interested, and taking down baddies whilst swooping through the air as Superman never seems to tire.

However, the linear nature of the game doesn't keep you returning to challenges to beat old scores or unlock new ones, nor does it capitalise on the co-op nature that previous games can excel in. Also, the open world map and direction pointers isn't implemented very well, and its easy to get lost and can be confusing. But again, you can see how the designers are layering in new features to evolve the gameplay. Maybe in future titles they'll improve this, but it is refreshing to be come across new features you haven't encountered before.

Overall, a solid addition to the Lego series, but not the best it has to offer.