Unlimited money

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Hows it goin.. I haven't posted on a game forum in years because I don't play very many games anymore but I've been in the hospital lately so I pocked this one up and it's a great time killer. I don't know if everyone's already figured this out, but I didn't see it on any faq page or forum so I decided I'd share it because it can be useful if you're bored of making money my running through full levels. Here's what I do. First you need to make enough to earn any of the stud multipliers from the extras menu and turn it on once you're in the stage. the x2 is enough but obviously the more multipliers you have, the better. Go to a stage that has an electric spot that can kill you instantly and run up to it as magnetic robin. when he dies and drops his money and comes back to life, recollect the money. If the money sits on the electricity, use your magnet to draw it to you. because of the multiplier, you now have more money than before you died. You could also just go as any character that throws bombs and keep lowing yourself up. I have the X2, X4, X6, X8, and X10 switched on and each time I kill myself I make a net gain of $4,222,900 so it's definitely worthwhile. Sorry if everyone already knew this
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Thanks for posting that! This is a great game! My favorite part is being able have have one player on the wii u pad and the other on the TV. No More split screen! I highly recommend anyone to buy the WII U version if you have not played it! p.s I hope you feel better!