Can't switch to Joker & Aquaman at end of level 9

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I've played level 9 several times and am unable to switch to the two characters I need to get the last canister. It just spins like it is going to change then leaves me with the person I have. I need aquaman and the Joker to open the last canister. The weird part is I use both characters earlier in the level to free the citizen in peril and to obtain another canister. I can't switch to both of them earlier because I need superman's x-ray vision to open the door to the last part of the level. Anyone else have this problem and been able to resolve it? I'm at 98% completion - need the 1 minikit and 2 gold bricks which I think I should get when I get this canister. I really don't want to start all over again - it was painful for me to find the other 248 canisters. :)

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After trying to play the level a few times and still being bugged i played it one more time without any extras enabled and it worked. maybe that helps for other ppl having the same problem.
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Sadly it didn't work for me. :(
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Please refer to my post on the "fix" for this level 9 character switching glitch.