Bug in Level 1 after Harley Quinns defeat, cant jump down hole!

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In the first level ater you beat Harley Quinn, you are supposed to jumpo down a hole to chase Joker. Yet me and my friend (playing coop) were not able to jump down the hole. We tryed restarting the level, dropping P2 out, dropping p1 out and yet we were still not able to jump down. It kept pushing us back out like it where pushing out air. Has anyone else experienced this? Cause its very frustrating that we cant continue in the game...
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Which console did you find this on?

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I am not surprised, TT games are known for their glitches, and some Achievement glitches. You'd think they would learn by now....
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Which console did you find this on?

It seems like it would probably be either the Wii version or a handheld version. The Wii versions of LEGO games are known for glitching up more then the other consoles. Also, is there anything that you did mess up with? I mean, in the first LEGO Batman, there was a glitch where if player 2/1 killed player 1/2 when pulling down a switch, you couldn't move on. Maybe something like that happened.
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This happened to me on the Wii - no matter how many times I restarted, I could not jump down the hole - had to back all of the way out and start in a new slot - with that game, I was able to jump through.
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It happened to me on my xBox 360 last night and this was the 4th or 5th time I had gone through this part of the game trying to get into the second room. I exited out, then went back in making sure to break all the tables & chairs in the room before I went after her. Not sure that had anything to do with it or not, but the time I couldn't get in the hole I hadn't done that.
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Here's the solution... Make sure you defeat Harley without a missile ... (robin would be a better choice) I dunno why, but she dont fall in the hole if you don't proceed this way and you can't join her because of that.. It worked 4 me !!