Mediocre in an every sense of the word.

User Rating: 5.1 | Legion: The Legend of Excalibur PS2
I remember it quite fondly now, watching the teaser cinematic movie for this game months before it was to be released. Arthur picked up his sword to fight some kind of skeletal demon if I remember correctly, his sword shining brightly as he strikes down his foe only to have an army of demon soldiers left to to be slaughtered. To say the least, I was quite impressed, and my medieval knight tastes of the time seemed to be drooled down upon without stop in anticipation for this "cool" knight game.

Much to my surprise, when I first put the game on I was only met by mediocre graphics, a rather crappy combat system, and a simple slow-button mashing feast just to pull off a less than flashy attack sequence. Perhaps I expected too much from this game, but I was severely disappointed as I beat each repetitive level after level. My lust for Medieval games was temporarily crushed and I resigned myself to reading a book after the first week of playing this game with mild enjoyment.

Even now I am able to "taste" the foul stench of this game in my mouth. It would be entertaining to someone with simplestic view of video games or to those who are expecting it to be as it is; but I suppose I have become biased due to my expectactions and how much the game was a total letdown for me. Perhaps one day I will give it another shot and enjoy it more than the last, but until then I still have a few books to read.