Really don't see the problem....

User Rating: 8.6 | Legion: The Legend of Excalibur PS2
I played this game a long time ago a little while after it came out. I currently have it borrowed from my friend to play it again. I went to check out the reviews and was totally shocked. It is true that I like it more than some because I love the Arthur tales, but the game really isn't as flawed as others say.

The game is most definitely not for people who want something easy since there are no saves during levels, which tend to be somewhat long and have a hard boss at the end. The fighting is hard to when you can't heal fast enough and its hard to get your blocking down very good. I find myself running around sometimes waiting for stamina to use Arthur's special because it really helps when surrounded.

Many of the problems GameSpot mentioned in their review are present but are not as bad to me as they said. One of the worst problems I don't remember reading in the reviews was the insane screaming by opponents in battle which can be very amusing but also annoying. The fps doesn't drop enough that it messes me up and I have few problems controlling my characters. The only real problem I had was when they blocked me on steps. With the right line up of characters you can use some strategy to beat foes easier. The comedy tends to be too much but nothing can keep me from enjoying an Arthur story. The levels vary in tasks and terrain enough to keep it all fun. It would be nice to be rewarded when beating it but an ending cinema (short one at that) is all you receive.

Anyone who has a love for Arthur or hack and slash games should definitely check this out. Prolly be better off to buy it if you want to play it cause its almost as cheap as renting it.