Your troops ride to battle on the short bus!

User Rating: 1.1 | Legion Arena PC
This has to be one of the biggest disapointments in PC gaming history. I was not expecting Rome, Total War. I did expect more than this. I accept, the that it is a low budget game, and I expected poor graphics, what I don't accept is just poor execution.

While I would really like to blame poor AI. It's not, matter of fact there is no AI whatsoever. I mean sure there is always micromanagement in every RTS, and I would accept that, however in this game your troops are just retarded. No matter what order you give them, from the set up, it takes you to physically put them on the right path.

While battles really don't take any tactics, it's frustratiing when you lose a battle because, your troops just stand there, and your goal is to rout the enemy within a certain amount of time.