Let say you will have a good 10 hours to enjoy, then maybe 10 other hours to complaint...there is a bug and no patche...

User Rating: 6.2 | Legion Arena PC
Legion Arena is a very good strategy game, you have to plan your battle before it begun and that part of the process become critical as you goes trought the game.

The first maps are easy going but you see there is one more step on each level. You keep your units from the beggining to the end, they follows you and aquire experience (you upgrade your units as you want them).

So as I say i haved a very good 10 hours with it but the game do not goes deep in detail, its only about the next battle.

A lot of maps have objectives, most objective can be funny, but when you are asked to eliminate the ennemy army within 2 minutes, there i have an objection. It can kill the game right there. Especially as the last map I did haved a bug, i eliminated all of my ennemies on time, but i never gain victory...bug...and no patch available.