So I load up this game full of expectation only to have the trap door of disapointment opened under my feet! It'sRubish

User Rating: 2.4 | Legion Arena PC
You see you are shown screens that look a lot like a Rome Total war game with the city building and resource management . There's different towns shown as the game installs and seems like you can chose what kind of units to train in each town you own ... WRONG ! This game is stupid . A real let down as all you do is rush into meaningless battle after battle. At one point you lead your worst enemies against your beloved people . And just like the in-game story line : you (the player) are forced by the game designers to fight with no alternative offered. Why bother with such a lame and amateure story line ? You are human yet you supposedly can live forever ? you never eat marry or rest ? It's impossible to identify with the story's hero.
This game could have been a MUCH better game had the premise simply focused on the Coliseum and the Gladiator games. They should of said that you are a slave gladiator forced to fight for your life through many battles that recreate Rome's greatest battles. Then the game engine would have made a lot more sense as you upgrade surviving troops from battle to battle. Hey come to think of it that could be a great idea for a number of different genres ! Imagine a BF2 version or a World of Warcraft twist on it ?
So if you buy this game get your receipt and back to the store and lay the smack down on the sleazy so and so who sold it to you .... DeathJem out