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I was looking forward to this game, and downloaded today. It is no where close to release quality. My advise is to save your $45 until there are some major fixes. The game is VERY slow to load, even on my quad core 8gb, relatively high end graphics machine (nearly 2 minute pause after restarting campaign single player mode). It has repeatedly crashed and locked up my box, either halting the program or just locking up my machine, requiring annoying reboot. The performance during the "real time" segments is quite slow, which really adversely impacts game play. There is no help, just a tutorial that sometimes prompts you as to what you can do, and other times leaves you hanging with no idea of your options while you are getting clobbered by the enemy. It really appears that they rushed this out without adequate testing or a trial period. So if you want to pay $45 to be Kalypso's beta tester, and you love the frustration of rebooting your computer while having nearly no fun at all, then please be my guest.
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Beta version! This crap isnt even good enough to be called ALPA. I love my 4X genre. But this game is simply an insult to my wallet. Do NOT WASTE your time on this rubbish!
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I've played bad games before, but this is a first for me; a game that is literally unplayable. It's a shame too, the game looked like it has some serious pontential. Hopefully all the money they got from early purchasers will allow them to patch this game ASAP.

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I have to agree with everyone here.. do yourself a favour and have a look in the steam forum: the official forum: and watch the devastating reviews on and DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! Maybe as a low budget title after trillions of patches...MAYBE...but now? just burn your money...would be more fun..:(
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do yourself a favor and buy this game instead

ive played every space strategy game and this one is by FAR the best one, even today the graphics and controls are still great. Sorry Kalypso, your game sucks bad

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Shame, sounds like the game could have potential.  Guess I'll just occasionally check forums for progress.  I have no interest in paying to beta test, probably wouldn't even consider testing this one unless they were paying me.

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This game is alot like Top Gear "Ambitious but Rubish" lol.