For die hard RPGers this game is a must have!

User Rating: 10 | Legends of Dawn PC
For die hard RPGers this game is a must have! If it gets polished up, it could be amazing. This game is great in the story/world sense. Its unique and a fresh look at the stale elves are wispy nature lovers, dwarves hate magic and live underground ect typical fantasy world. Its engrossing and I love it. The amount of care put into the world creation really makes this game shine. I love the way spells are created, and unlocking chests is really unique as well.
Crafting items need to stack in larger piles. I have a ton of white widow fangs all in 5 stacks everwhere. Items that are going to be collected in large groups should stack in large groups. Keyrings should be available. A rune bag would be a good idea too. The manual needs work. It took me a very long time to figure out taht the colors of the runes were associated with the color of he gods. Nowhere in the manual does it make that clear. It just mentions something about each god having its own rune set. And I still haven't figured out what the runes with the weapon/jewelry ect symbols do. I'm assuming they are the "activation" runes.
This game has quite a few issues, but overall though, I like this game a lot.