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Have the following UR List PM Tiamat of Endowed Heavens Sk10 [ Sold!] PM Anshar Realm Explorer Sk10 PM Empyrean Ruler Artesia Sk10 PM Odin Overflowing Goddess Sk10 PM Hymning Queen Mermaid Sk10 PM Impending Threat Peg Powler Sk10 PM Wandering Geryon Sk10 PM Lady Crimson of Dawn Sk3 PM Dividing Cerberus Siblings Sk6 PM Aurora Light Bringer Sk3 PM Rassap Cursed Wood Witch Sk3 PM Sacred Mountain Hunter (3 cards) PM Star Guardian Knight Sk4 PM Athena Protector of Order Sk10 PM Ninlil Sand Empress Sk10 PM Ever Isochronal Diana Sk10 PM Eirene Eternal Peace Seeker Sk10 PM Yielding Powered ExoSkeleton Sk10 PM Nergal Pestilence Strewer Sk2 PM Artic Permafrost Empress Sk1 PM Origin of Wisdom Sophia Sk1 PM Nike Goddess of triumph Sk1 PM Judgement Archangel Suzette Sk1 All these cards I am listing here, are availabe for sale at the correct price. SINGAPORE BUYERS PREFERRED, but will consider all offers worldwide. Please state your offers. If in need for a faster response, KIK me at valenwolf Thank you! Those transacted with me before please leave comments for vote of confidence. Iphone IOS 6.0.2