Legend of Legaia Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Platinum Card

    Once Drake Castle is saved, return to the King's Chambers. You will notice a cracked wall to the left and upwards from his throne. Press X and you will recieve a hidden Platinum Card, which reveals hidden items in shops.

    Contributed by: Dauragon C Mikado88 

  2. Quick Healing Magic Level Gain

    When leveling up healing magic during a battle, a character must be hurt for the magic to gain experience, and the animations take a while. Instead, level up healing magic in the menu.

    Go to an inn where you can rest for free, such as Biron Monastery or Jeremi. Equip anyone with equipment that raises MAX HP, such as Mei's Pendant. You should be missing HP. Heal it with the healing spell to be leveled up. Then, take the HP increaser off, then put it back on. You will be missing HP again. Heal, and continue the process. Instead of waiting over a minute to get one valid use in, you will only have to spend a couple of seconds unequipping.

    Contributed by: Justice Beloved 

  3. Secret Boss Fight with Lapis

    To fight the secret boss Lapis, you need to first complete the Mt. Dhini scenario of the game. Afterwards, you can come back to Mt Dhini, and at the end of the area, you will encounter a random battle, but it will have the boss music. This battle is the secret boss Lapis.

    Contributed by: _____Cait 

  4. Get the ''Honey'' item.

    To get the rare "Honey" item, you must fight the bee swarm in Rim Elm. After you get Meta and revive the Genesis Tree, go to the normal tree in the bottom left corner of Rim Elm. "Talk" to the tree, and you will be attacked by a swarm of bees as a hidden boss. Beat them, and you will get the "Honey", which raises stats by a large ammount.

    NOTE: If you talk to Nene, she will take the Honey from you. Don't talk to her if you don't want to lose the Honey.)

    Contributed by: _____Cait 

  5. Point Card

    Aftere you revived the genesis tree in Rim Elm and after Mei gives you the Hunting Clothes, go to the items shop. Head upstairs and in to the back room. There is a drawer there. Open the drawer and get the point card. The point card allows you to gain points on items you buy. The point card can be used in battle to do damage on the opponent. The damage will be equal to the number points to the point card. After you used those points, they will be returned. You can use a maximum of 9,999 points in 1 turn while the point card can only hold a maximum of 999,999 points at any given time.

    Contributed by: Silent_Hunter 

  6. Defeat Berserker Without Taking Any Damage

    You have to have absorbed the Seru Nighto to use this trick. (It would work even better if you had this on each character) Nighto normally only confuses the enemy, but for some reason when you cast Nighto on Berserker it will actually kill him after just a few turns. It will just confuse Berserker at first so he won't attack you, but after you cast Nighto with each character a few times, it will eventually kill him without you taking any damage at all.

    Contributed by: JCTC1013 

  7. Reusable Incense Glitch

    Save you game. Use Incense, then load your game. The incense effect will linger on, but you will still have the Incense in your inventory, thus letting you reuse the incense over and over again if you rinse and repeat.

    Contributed by: Raffi3 

  8. Secret Ra-Seru Spells

    There are multiple secret spells in Legend of Legaia, and here they are. (If a spell as a *, then to get it you must first defeat Songi for the third time.) The Ra-Seru that are not * are found as eggs that must be given to the jeweler, (Zalan) in Jeremi, who makes it into a Talisman, and then equip it in the accessories menu on the selected character to work, with the exception of Juggernaut, because he is already in the Talisman form.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Go to the West Voz Forest Genesis Tree, sitting south of the tree is a treasure chest containing it. (No joke, it's that easy) *Jedo
    Have Vahn learn all of his regular Art moves and walk over to the Genesis tree located in Warrior's Square in Sol and press the X button. *Meta (Vahn Only)
    Have Gala learn all of his regular Art moves and walk over to the Genesis tree in East Voz Forest and press the X button. *Ozma (Gala Only)
    Have Noa learn all of her regular Art moves and walk over to the Genesis Tree on Mt. Rikuroa and press the X button. *Terra (Noa Only)
    Help Cara get Grantes back. Horn
    Must have all players lvl 99 and destroyed the second Mist Generator.Talk to King Saryu in Ratayu.He will give you access to the room with Juggernaut. Juggernaut (Evil Seru Magic)
    Get it at the Buma fishing spot for 100,000 points, it's hidden until you get enough coins. Mule
    Get it at the Muscle Dome in Sol for 100,000 coins, it's hidden until you get enough coins. Palma

    Contributed by: Legendof-mygame 

  9. Password for Dr. Usha's Research Center

    Effect Effect
    X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square Dr. Usha's Research Center

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

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