Stuck between a Grimrock and a hard place.

User Rating: 7.5 | Legend of Grimrock PC
Loved the old E.O.T.B. and was so looking forward to Grimrock I pre-orderd it. I liked the looks of GR, the layout is old school and is easy to work with. The graphics are good and it is a very atmospheric game. The puzzles aren't too hard except for the hall of pillars which is more annoying than hard. I only have to big issues with GR, the first being the weapons feel under powered. I don't want a cakewalk but I would like to at least have the seance my characters are doing actual damage. Some enemies take too long to go down and I did build my characters well or so I thought. The other and most infuriating is that you have to set up spells every time you want to use one. Some are just 1 click others can be 3 clicks to setup and one to cast. I found it was just to aggravating to try and cast and fight a troll who would wipe you out in 3 hits. I would rather have seen you set one up and it stays until you change it. Other that those two things GR is worth a go.